Thursday, August 7, 2008

Facebook really rocks!

I joined Facebook a few days ago. Was it really that recently? Yes, I think this is day 3. I have over 30 friends on it now, people from my current life and from my past.

I joined to see a co-worker's xeriscape pictures (I'm a virtual gardener, taking vicarious pleasure in gardening shows and other people's gardens!) and decided to look up some people from schools and places I had been. The result has been immensely satisfying and healing.

I am someone who certainly suffered from her share of low self esteem and teenage angst, not realizing for years that most of us did. Its amazing to be who I am now, a 40 something with a full, vibrant life - and to connect with people from a time when I was less than whole. Not only does it help me to appreciate the girl-I-was more fully, but I realize just how wonderful my life is now.

Certainly I have issues - who doesn't? - and problems - likewise, who doesn't? - but I have so much richness in my life. Great kids and friends, a satisfying job, a full emotional and spiritual life. Sure, material possessions aren't up where I wish they were - but I am aware this morning of the vibrant, full, amazing person I am - and the people that I knew are diverse and fascinating and wonderful.

This is a great gift!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Woman of Many Blogs

I have too many blogs and too many email addresses. So what have I done? Started a new blog to attach to my facebook account, which I just got yesterday. Less confusion, believe it or not, that way.